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What are your warranty options?

All of our motorcycles and/or scooters are supplied, as standard, with a full one year’s manufacturer’s parts warranty. This warranty covers parts which fail due to manufacturing defects within the first 12 months only. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to fairings or bodywork, accidental damage or damage due to misuse. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover parts (mechanical or electrical) which are subject to wear and tear (such as bulbs, chains, sprockets, brake pads etc). This is standard practice on any new motorbike.

What about labour costs?
For an additional cost of £139, we offer customers a full one year's parts and labour warranty provided by WMS. This warranty covers both mechanical and electrical components. However, the warranty does not include bodywork/paint/trim/glass of any description, saddles and panniers, normal wear and tear/service items and other components that are subject to routine maintenance or periodic replacement or repair, including (but not limited to) spark plugs, H.T. leads, clutch, facings, brake discs, drums and frictional materials, chains, belts, sprockets, cables, hoses, light units and bulds, batteries, tyres an dexhaust systems. The warranty also does not cover stereo units, communications systems and connected equipment, parts/accessories not approved by the manufacturer/concessionaire or additional to the specification after the time of sale.

What if my vehicle breaks down?
We do offer breakdown cover with our parts and labour warranty for an additional cost of £50. This covers call out charges (up to a maximum of 6 call outs a year) and up to 1 hour's labour charges, at the scene of the breakdown where your vehicle is rendered immobilised due to electrical or mechanical faults within territorial limits. Assistance at yoru home is only covered at the address registered with us, you must inform us of any changes of address immediately.

What if I already have a motorcycle?
If you have already purchased a motorcycle with us and you would like to upgrade your current warranty to our parts and labour warranty, you can contact us via any appropriate method to let us know and we will arrange for your warranty to be upgraded to parts and labour. If you have already purchased a motorcycle with another dealer, we are unable to provide you with a parts and labour warranty.

More information?
If you require any more information about the warranty options that we can provide to customers, you can contact us via the 'contact us' page to request more information.