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Motorcycle Queries
Are all of your bikes fully EEC approved and tested?
  We have the manufacturers "EC Certificate of Conformity", "Declaration of New Vehicle", "HMRC Commercial Import VAT Document and the DVLA application form all fully completed for first registration with DVLA in your name for all the vehicles sold on our site.
Are the bikes available for a test drive?
  We cannot allow test drives without a deposit and proof of insurance.
Can you explain the warranty I get with my new motorcycle or scooter?
  We provide a one years parts warranty.

You can take out a parts and labour warranty with an independant warranty company, but they will normally charge £200.00 and it isn't usually worth it.

As a new car or motorbike, the machine must be serviced in accordance wit hthe manufacturer's guidlines and the service book stamped in order to keep the warranty valid.

The EEC guidelines state that any VAT registered dealer can carry out a service to a car or bike, so you can use a local garage for service and repairs.

The bike is fully built by ourselves and handed over to you, at which time you would be asked to inspect the machine for any cosmetic damage.

This is because our warranty cannot cover damage to mechanical or electrical parts that has occurred due to accidental damage, misuse or vandalism.

If there is a mechanical or electrical failure of a component, we may ask you to return the faulty part.

Items which are subject to wear & tear, such as bulbs, chains, sprockets, brake pads, etc. are also not covered under warranty.

This is all fairly standard practise on any new motorbike or car and I can assure you that we don't have many problems at all. Most of the parts we supply to customers are required because their bike has been dropped or knocked over.
How do I register my vehicle with the DVLA for the first time?
  We are able  to register your vehicle for you for an additional price of £120. This will mean that the bike is delivered with a number plate, tax disc and tax disc holder.
Alternatively, if you wish to register your vehicle yourself, then you will have to get in touch with your local DVLA office (
click here to find your local office). This will include a fee of £55 payable to the DVLA as well as road tax which is £16 per year.
How much will my new scooter or motorbike cost to run?
  We usually see our vehicles providing 100+ miles per gallon. This is one of the major benefits of two wheel ownership as they are considerably cheaper and greener to run than a car, costing a fraction to fill and give greater independence, freedom and flexibility.
How often will I need to service my vehicle?
  All vehicles are required to be serviced after the first 300km, again after 1,000km and thereafter every 3,000km or every 6 months depending on the model. It is essential that this is carried out by an authorised dealer and must be performed to ensure the vehicle is still roadworthy, safe to ride, fuel efficient, less polluting and not a danger to other road users or pedestrians.
Is there any problems with getting parts or with the reliability of these bikes?
  The bad publicity Chinese bikes have had is largely due to inexperienced people buying them in a crate and building them. The number of bikes that I have seen which have been incorrectly built or not even running due to this is unbelievable. Also, there are some brands which are not as well made as others. The bikes we sell are all good quality and due to the low new price they have very little depreciation. This is particularly important if you are only intending to use a 125cc as a stepping stone to a larger machine.

Remember, regardless of the manufacturer, if a bike isn't run-in properly, loooked after and maintained in accordance with the service instructions, then there is every chance the machine will develop faults. So, if you are considering a second hand machine, make sure you get a full service history or else you may be buying someone else's problems.

If you buy one of our machines, run it in properly, service it as required, you should have no problems. Then, if you decide to sell it within a couple of years, you should lose only a small percentage of your initial outlay. These bikes are very easily serviced, the mechanics are an exact copy of mainline Japanese machines, so servicing by any bike shop shouldn't be a problem. Also, spares for these are all available. We should be able to supply anything you need, although there are many dealers offering these parts online as you will see.
Once I have completed my CBT, can I ride on my own?
  Yes, once the CBT course is completed and you have obtained the DL 196 certificate, you are entitled to ride unaccompanied displaying L-plates (D-plates in Wales). For further information regarding CBT, other motorcycle licences or to apply for provisional driving licence, visit or the motoring section of
What do you mean by "run-in"?
  New bikes need to be run at low engine revs and speeds, at least until the first service and sometimes up to 1,000 miles.

Our owner handbooks explain the recommended limits and mileages. The new owner should also be quite gentle and smooth whilst breaking and changing gear. This allows all the moving parts to "bed in" without causing undue wear. A bike that isn't run-in properly will have a notably shorter lifespan and will be more likely to develop faults.
What is required to drive my vehicle on the road?
  Other than your DVLA registration, and the insurance required to get this registration, the only other item you need to drive on the road is a helmet. We have a range on offer on our own website.
What should I do if I believe there is an electrical fault with my vehicle?
  The first thing you should do is check the fuse(s) which are usually located near the battery and can often be replaced quite easily. We would advise you to be very careful when replacing any part of your vehicle, however, as it is very important to know what you are doing. If in doubt, or if this does not solve the problem, then please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help.
What should I do if my new scooter won't start?
  Please remember that you have to ensure that the side-stand is up and that you have applied the brake applied before trying to start your scooter. If this is not the problem, then make sure that your battery is charged by checking that the horn or indicators work. If you are still having problems, then please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.
What test do I need to sit to drive a 125cc bike?
  All you need is your CBT (compulsory basic training) to ride a 125cc with L plates. This is not a test, just a full day's training dependant on your experience and ability. This costs £125.00
What type of fuel fo your vehicles run on?
  All of our 4-stroke engines run on unleaded petrol, whilst our 2-stroke engines run on unleaded petrol with the addition of 2-stroke oil.
Which engine is best for me? 50cc or 125cc?
  The 50cc engines come restricted to around 30mph and are ideally suited for either short journeys or travelling around town. The minimum age restriction for these engines is 16 years old.

The 125cc engines are not restricted and can reach speeds around 70mph, more suited towards faster roads or advanced riders. The minimum age restriction for these engines is a year older at 17 years old.